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Make Funeral Arrangements Early to Avoid Problems

By: Bernard Knight-Jones

Thinking of one's own death is a horrifying feeling and a feeling worse than that is thinking about the death of a loved one. Confronting the stress and burdens of making final arrangements for the funeral can be really trying and downright horrible, especially after going through the traumatic experience of losing a loved one such as a spouse or parent.


No one can foresee death. It never comes by our convenience. Many a times there is no money set aside to make the funeral arrangements. Pre-arranged funerals can actually not only save time or make things convenient but also make funeral arrangements more affordable. Also, the grievance of burying the loved one eases out a bit. Pre-arranged funeral takes away the stress of arranging money for the last rites of the dead loved one.

When you select a burial plot and casket in advance, you book at current rates. This eliminates the anxiety about inflation catching you unawares and causing an undue burden at a time when you have other things to worry about. It also affords the opportunity to choose a reasonable casket and saves you from the prospect of feeling guilty if you couldn’t come up with enough money immediately. If you set aside the money now, you can choose a suitable casket for your departed one.

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By prearranging your funeral like the increasing number of people who are choosing to do so these days, you can select your abode for the eternity. You can decide how you would like to be remembered. More than the casket, many people are concerned about the place they want to get buried. Pre-arranged funeral lets you take care of where and how you will spend your journey to the eternity and how you will be remembered after you have left for your heavenly abode.

Sadly, a funeral is often a time when family differences come to light and fighting breaks out between its members. A lot of the time, not all the children of a recently departed parent are involved in making the arrangements. This leads to a lot of problems that would have easily been avoided had the parent made their own arrangements ahead of time.

The location of burial is a crucial issue that should be decided by the person concerned, especially in the case of divorces and mixed families. Otherwise, there is bound to be difference of opinion among the children during the funeral process. These days there are many cases when a parent has children with one spouse, and then moves on to have children with another spouse. So, it’s best to take such decisions beforehand.

It is wiser if the parents themselves make their funeral arrangements in advance in such situations. It saves the family from unnecessary grief and disputes. Though it may leave children discontent with the parent, at least it will not lead the step-siblings into fighting with each other, adding hatred and discontent to the horrible feeling of grief.

When you opt for a pre-arranged funeral you simply reduce the amount of stress and grief on those who love you. They will miss you and grieve for you in peace. Such a decision reflects your farsightedness and your genuine concern for those that are left behind. In addition, it turns out to be much less expensive. Thus, the healing process can begin sooner than later.

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